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Send Instant Booking Details And Payment Confirmation Details Directly From Your Website Or An App.
Transactional SMS Service Allows You To Deliver Urgent Notification, Important Information, Otp's.

How Can You Use Transactional SMS ?

OTP SMS Are Mostly Used By Banks. These SMS Are Used By The Banks To Send Recent Transactions Or Account Balance To The Customers.
Institutional SMS
Instituition SMS Are Used By Schools, Colleges And Coaching Centers To Send Important Information To Students And Parents.
E-Commerce SMS
E-Commerce SMS Are Used By E-Commerce Websites To Send Order Confirmation And Information Of Products And Services.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Opt-in and Opt-out Numbers
With Transactional SMS Gateway SMS Can Be Delivered To All Recipients Irrespective Of Their Opt-Out Status
Multilingual SMS
Misr Bulk SMS Supports Multilingual SMS Which Allows Users To Send SMS’s In Multiple Languages.
Rapid Delivery
Transactional SMS Are Instant And This Is Very Essential As Information Is Conveyed In No Time.
No Time Restrictions
Transactional SMS Gateway Allows You To Send Bulk SMS At Any Time Without Any Restrictions